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01/12/2020 · Endurance tests based on Sony internal testing for the purpose of collecting reliability data of Optical Disc Archive cartridges. Related links: *Data Archiv…

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Optical disc-based systems play a vital role in offline data archiving when cost effective solutions are required. Optical discs are also a great fit for long term storage or safety copies of data. Regardless of what kind of data archiving is needed, All Pro Solutions has the right solution.

Optical Disc Archive Cartridge – Teradactyl

high speed data retrieval. High Reliability, & Durability, Optimized for long term archiving. The non-contact read/write technology of optical disc enables high reliability. Optical disc technology is extremely robust with a media archival life estimated at 50 years, substantially longer than other storage media in the market. The cartridge is designed to be highly durable and resilient

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Active Archives (HDD) Deep Archives (Optical Disc, Tape) Off-line Archives (Optical Disc, Tape) Third-tier storage for data that is seldom accessed. Requirement is capability for secure long-term storage at low cost. For storing data that is accessed occasionally at large-scale data centers. • For data with reduced frequency of access

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10/03/2016 · The Archival Disk standard was launched by Sony in 2014 as a tougher, higher capacity version of Blu-Ray. It features a completely inorganic recording layer, better scratch resistance and tighter track pitch, allowing to squeeze more data on the same surface area.

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15/08/2016 · The changes include improvements to system applications software, higher resolution workstation displays and increased cache memory, integration of high-performance Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) workstations, and the acquisition of additional optical digital data disk drives or jukeboxes and higher capacity optical digital data disks.

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XenData Optical Disc Archives save files to Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) cartridges for secure long-term retention. XenData archive servers manage Sony ODA libraries to provide fast access to petabytes of secure storage. They are available in single server and clustered configurations.

Archival Disc Technology – SNIA

Feature of Archival Disc Larger Capacity and Lower Bit Cost Simple recording layer structure Land & Groove format over all generations 300GB/disc , 1TB/disc in the future Higher data transfer rate Double-sided recording 90MB/s by 2 optical heads, 360MB/s in the future Higher reliability for protecting important data Stable oxide materials

Archiving Online Data to Optical Disc

The cost for data storage on writeonce/read-many optical disks is comparable to that of magnetic tape and only a fraction of the cost for fixed magnetic disk (hard disk) data storage. In a test study, unit-value data was archived using one optical disk drive connected to a microcomputer and a second drive connected to a minicomputer.

Optical Storage The Future of Long Term Data Preservation

using optical discs allows IT managers to avoid forced migrations, moving data around an environment when they want to, not when the media dictates. This saves money and allows for more strategic long term planning. We understand that solutions, data formats …

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